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This game is great. There is a good writing and characters act like themselves. It was so interesting to watch this characters interaction. I am glad that i found this game. I can only hope for the more routes in the future! Of course it is only up to author. Still I thanktfull for this piece.^^


this is a neat game!! i never thought about vikare and galekh being in the same room before this because i didn't notice they had anything in common, but you found a great way for them to get along. yall rlly sold me on them! both bad ends felt reasonable [im still sad over the long bad end, though i felt like it was still in-character, so it's good sad] The good end was wonderful, that end card was beautiful, and the tune that played over its end-card was really cute!!


Firstly; I love this!! What a brilliant slice of storytelling you've shared. Their initial disagreements being smoothed over felt realistic to me, and I love how it ended! There is a small glitch at the end. Instead of going back to the title screen, it jumps back in dialogue, to the part where G asks V why he wants to fly without touching the stars. Otherwise, I had so much fun playing this!! Thank you for your hard work.